Dentons Canada Summer Students Get Hands On with Legal Tech

Dentons Canada Summer Students Get Hands On with Legal Tech

Summer 2020 brought a virtual Summer Student experience to Dentons Canada, and Nextlaw Labs was excited to give summer students the opportunity to spend part of their time learning how legal tech fits into the present and future of law. After a boot-camp style overview of how we work presented by Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw In-House Solutions, students chose areas of focus and worked directly with Nextlaw Labs alongside their traditional rotations. Some highlights include:

• Summer student Anthony Berlingieri supplemented his work experience working in a Financial Services rotation by taking a step back to examine the firm’s regulatory practice, mapping current workflows, and exploring technologies to support the practice. He thought through what matters in the industry and what Dentons should consider when selecting compliance solutions. “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience supporting Nextlaw this summer… I was able to apply my experience working as a lawyer as well as broader business exposure to determine priorities and how technology can improve Dentons as a whole.”

Scott Dawson used his summer student experience to help design a project that delved into the document automation space and explored some of the most intriguing companies and products in the industry. Meeting with legal tech startups across the globe and getting hands-on with solutions gave Scott a broader perspective. “I am intrigued by the evolution of legal technology, and working on a project with Nextlaw was the perfect way to get a glimpse into the developments happening within the industry. The project really opened my eyes to the vast array of emerging technologies that are available to the legal industry, and how much room there is for growth. In particular, the race within the document automation space is far from being dominated by any one product and there are many intriguing early-stage companies that could become more prominent over the next few years.”

Last year, Toronto-based Dentons summer student Michael Cain worked closely with Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw Ventures on legal tech-focused analytics and research projects. Read about his experience on the blog here.