Innovation Requires Diversity and Experimentation

Innovation Requires Diversity and Experimentation

Our chief growth officer Maya Markovich sat down with Greg Lambert of Three Geeks and a Law Blog last week for his “In Seclusion” podcast, to chat about the legal industry’s current environment and the opportunity for meaningful change.

The time is ripe to rethink the old ways of doing things: “Innovation requires experimentation, and there’s an opening for lawyers to do more experimentation with new tools and processes, with the psychological safety to try and fail” with a little bit less judgment.

Maya also noted that the entrepreneurial mindset is crucial to change. “Inherent in this mindset are things like seeking out diverse perspectives, and a drive to iterate, try, fail, learn from it, repeat until you reach success, and then scale out. I am optimistic that this experience has shown that collaboration with diverse teams is critical to success. We simply can’t win without it.”

Listen to the full 10-minute podcast here.