Legal Geek Around the World Tour Round-Up

The Around the World Tour has concluded, but the impact has been massive: 44 startups pitched in 5 cities across 4 continents over the span of 4 weeks.

Major kudos to Jimmy Vestbirk and the good folks at Legal Geek for pulling off this epic global road trip.

Check out their full round-up on their website here

The article features the heads of Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw Ventures sharing their thoughts on the trip.

Marie Bernard (CEO of Nextlaw Labs) said:

“High level of enthusiasm, start-up value prop is increasingly professional. We see fewer and fewer local copycats, and more attempts to define a startup’s differentiator.”

“The mix of profiles that we meet on the road is amazing. From startups who pitch in their local language like in Russia, super strong on certain skills and with an appetite to challenge the status quo, to startups who are native of the Silicon Valley environment. ”

Dan Jansen (CEO of Nextlaw Ventures) said:

“The Around the World Tour has been an remarkable follow up to 2017’s European Road Trip. We missed seeing Betty [the 1970’s VW Camper Van] this time around, but are thrilled to have contributed to making an impact in so many legal tech hubs worldwide.”

“I had a blast meeting with the startups and hearing their pitches. Overall, we are seeing the startups maturing in their experience, finding new growth areas and entering the market with such drive and confidence—they are trailblazers of tomorrow.”