Maya Markovich Featured in Thomson Reuters Article “Making the Future of Legal Tech Female”

Maya Markovich Featured in Thomson Reuters Article “Making the Future of Legal Tech Female”

Nextlaw Labs Head of Product, Maya Markovich, was recently mentioned in Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute article, “Making the Future of Legal Tech Female: How We Can Promote Women Founders,” which speaks about existing dynamics in the legal tech market and the need for a growing role of women in product development.

Maya spoke to Kristen Sonday, co-founder and COO of global pro bono platform Paladin, which announced a partnership with Dentons earlier this year to co-develop an intelligent solution to increase engagement and streamline administration of law firm pro bono programs.

The article raises awareness of gender inequity among legal tech founders, highlighting that despite recent increases, women only account for 15% of  founder roles – even lower than in the broader tech industry, due to systemic issues like unequal access to capital and networks. Despite this dynamic, women-led startups produce better ROI, in part because they are more likely to build diverse teams and produce solutions less afflicted by design bias.

According to many leading thinkers across the tech landscape, there is also a larger cultural shift afoot.  “As technology begins to take on more of the quotidian tasks in industries like law, the most valuable skills [for teams] will be those traditionally viewed ‘female’ attributes like inclusiveness, emotional intelligence, and empathy,” said Maya.

As Maya states, “Actively seeking out investments with strong female leadership and taking concrete steps toward gender equity is not only the right thing to do, and backed by data, it’s also a better business decision.” For several more tangible ways to promote and support women in legal tech, and the benefit to the industry as a whole, read the article here.