Maya Markovich featured on CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight

Maya Markovich featured on CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight

Maya Markovich was recently featured on the Centre for Legal Innovation’s Legalpreneurs Spotlight Series.

The Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) is an innovation-focused think tank at The College of Law (Australia, New Zealand and Asia).

Maya sat down with CLI to talk about her role at Nextlaw Labs, why the risks associated with legal tech are actually opportunities, some of her observations on industry trends, and her advice to lawyers (both seasoned professionals and newcomers) navigating this brave new world.

Some of our favorite quotes from Maya in this piece are:

“Some in the legal industry fear technology may replace jobs, reduce billable time, and replace or de-position firms in the legal marketplace. But my view is that innovation, if conceived and implemented effectively, can liberate attorneys from the busywork that defines many of their day-to-day tasks.”

“I also see a shift toward more holistic backgrounds of those who make up the legal industry. Individuals who are comfortable with technology, understand the value of process and human centered design, and have a high degree of emotional intelligence are increasingly drawn to law schools that offer next-generation business and process-oriented training, like legal project management, legal problem solving, risk management, and tech primers. Once those attorneys have had some time to mature in their practice of law, that sea change will truly begin.”

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