Maya Markovich on Lawyers Leading Social Change

Maya Markovich on Lawyers Leading Social Change

Our Chief Growth Officer Maya Markovich joined Alma Asay on LiteraTV to talk about the codevelopment experience and impact of implementing Paladin at Dentons, Dentons’ NextTalent program, and how law firms have the opportunity to drive significant social change.

Maya first highlighted some key successes in Dentons’ pro bono program with Paladin, including a 50% uptick in civil rights-focused projects, more opportunities filled outside urban centers, a nearly 40% jump in pro bono work overall, as well as the benefits of pro bono for lawyers themselves, including skills development, courtroom exposure, and increased empathy. By implementing Paladin with its resultant program efficiencies, Pro Bono Partner Ben Weinberg has also been able to focus on other impactful initiatives, like helping to stand up and run the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance. Maya noted, “Dentons is taking the position that it’s not enough just to act within our firm in order to meaningfully attack systemic racism — the effort has to be much bigger.”

In addition, NextTalent – a global Dentons initiative – was launched in 2019 recognizing that successful lawyers of the future must be tech-aware globalists, with high EQ and an entrepreneurial mindset. Maya described a few aspects of the wide-ranging program and its measurable impact, noting: “NextTalent is leading a shift in how Dentons invests in people and provides real opportunities for development. In our industry, success going forward requires a set of key capabilities that firms haven’t traditionally focused on: well-being, humanness, social connectedness, and positive mental health.”

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