Nextlaw Labs and Education for 21st Century Lawyers

Nextlaw Labs and Education for 21st Century Lawyers

The legal profession is in the midst of a revolution, and law schools have a critical role to play in the transition. While the majority of law schools still operate with a traditional legal education curriculum and approach, some law schools understand the need to prepare their students for the new realities of law practice, boost graduates’ hireability and enhance their ability to succeed and thrive in the reinvented legal industry of the 21st century.

Nextlaw Labs has been a leading voice for next-generation legal education since its inception. Working with entities from Stanford Legal Design Lab and Law School Admissions Council to Oxford University and the College of Law in NSW, Australia, we have been fortunate to collaborate with forward-thinking legal scholars around the world to help conceptualize and build the future of law upstream.

Last week, Maya Markovich took part in a panel discussion at Emory Law School focused on legal technology and innovation, how technology empowers attorneys to provide better, more efficient client service, and the unprecedented opportunities available to law students and new attorneys.

At her alma mater, Maya is also an active advisor for LexLab @ UCHastings, where she mentors early-stage legal tech startups and helps to shape the curriculum for its law and technology concentration. She has lectured at Georgia Tech and ESADE on the use of data analytics and legal tech, hosted the Northwestern University Masters of Science in Law and University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law for discussions on leading innovation in the legal industry at Dentons San Francisco, and appeared on the Duke Legal Tech Lab podcast discussing strengths, gaps and opportunities in the legal tech ecosystem. She has also been a featured speaker at the on the future University of Arizona’s Law&Tech conference and currently serves as a mentor for their TechLaw Fellows program.

We love connecting with future industry leaders who share our passion for transforming a tradition-bound profession. If you’re involved with legal education and have questions about Nextlaw or an idea for collaboration, please reach out!