Nextlaw Labs highlighted on Clout Legal

Nextlaw Labs highlighted on Clout Legal

Our Chief Growth Officer Maya Markovich recently sat down with Berlin-based Clout Legal to chat about the founding of Nextlaw Labs five years ago, working with startups, innovating within the billable hour structure, and industry opportunities coming out of the pandemic, noting that “there’s now an opening for lawyers to do more experimenting with new tools and processes, and the psychological safety to do so.”

Maya also highlighted that a proactive stance on team diversity is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business that creates better outcomes, with products less prone to algorithmic bias: “Building a team of people very different from yourself and appreciating their way of solving problems is a vital but underestimated component of success – we cannot win without it.”

Clout Legal aims to facilitate change in the rapidly transforming legal services industry by sharing expertise from legal innovation thinkers, doers and contributors.

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