Nextlaw Labs Attends Open Nation 2018

Nextlaw Labs is a catalyst for innovation across the Dentons ecosystem, developing compelling new technologies and processes to transform the business and practice of law. Earlier this year we rolled out Ideascale, a crowdsourcing platform designed to identify, curate and nurture new ideas.  The solution enables us to extend our reach, capture and curate ideas from all Dentons employees across the globe, and give everyone the opportunity to contribute concretely to the firm’s innovation strategy.

Attending Ideascale’s annual customer summit Open Nation 2018 was a great opportunity for the Nextlaw Labs team to connect with innovation leaders across industries to examine key processes and challenges of ideation strategy design. The conference focused on three areas critical to successful campaigns: measuring the often nebulous ROI on ideation, engaging the innovation audience, and developing the best ideas from concept to implementation.

Some key takeaways for designing and executing powerful ideation campaigns:

  • Converge disparate voices. Seek out and engage with employees at different levels across the organization who are able to communicate the full range of client needs to ensure you have a truly holistic perspective.
  • Close the loop. Sometimes even good ideas won’t make the cut. Set clear boundaries and have defined review criteria to help you pinpoint what’s most relevant. 
  • Build trust. Engage directly with the community through the platform to build momentum, ensure transparency and maintain engagement.
  • Maximize engagement. Set engagement goals and design communication and gamification strategies that recognize and celebrate community contributions.
  • Make it easy. People don’t like ‘complicated’. If the process is clear and simple – they will engage. Use a mobile app to let your community interact immediately and often.
  • Success stories are key. Because there are so many intangible benefits in the innovation space, measuring ROI is a shared challenge. To quantify real value, think beyond user logins and number of submissions, think creatively about metrics like connections made and opportunities generated.

Ideascale has made educational materials and videos of the sessions from Open Nation 2018 available online. For more information visit their resources page here.

Nextlaw Labs is at the center of the growing legal innovation space. We’ve developed a deep understanding of how the evolution of technology and processes impact the present and future of law. Strategies like ideation are integral to encouraging knowledge sharing, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and buy-in for new concepts in such a traditionally stratified industry. Crowdsourcing ideation helps to foster an open-minded community of proactive employees with a desire to amplify Dentons’ role as a global leader in legal innovation.

Ideation is an integral part of supporting Dentons as an innovative and open-minded firm, and building a community of proactive and collaborative employees encourages knowledge sharing and buy-in.