On being female in legal tech: NLL at Legal Tech Academy

On being female in legal tech: NLL at Legal Tech Academy

Legal Tech Academy, an interdisciplinary initiative from the University of Copenhagen law school and Danish legal tech company Contractbook, brought together a group of inspiring women representing diverse stakeholders from around the world for a panel discussion focused on increasing the number of women in legal tech. Nextlaw Labs CGO Maya Markovich joined Mariana Hagstrom, founder and CEO at Avokkado, Malin Mannikko of DLA Piper, and Aikta Wahi at PacerPro.

The panelists covered a number of subjects including hurdles for women in legal tech, advice to women considering a legal tech career path, how the industry can become more inclusive, and flexing the risk muscle in this nascent sector.

Legal Tech Academy, launched by Professor Alexandra Andhov, brings together researchers, practitioners and industry specialists to share their perspective, analysis and vision on trends defining the legal industry and technology, with the aim of sharing knowledge and supporting innovation among law students, lawyers and legal professionals. Alexandra and Maya initially connected in 2018 when Nextlaw Labs hosted the University of Copenhagen law faculty at the Dentons offices for a symposium on recent developments and trends in the legal industry.

Listen to the full session here.